Do Milk and Yogurt Make Reflux Worse?

Acid reflux and GERD are ailments characterized by a common symptom of heartburn. There is a burning sensation felt in the chest which may be accompanied with heaviness and a bad taste in the mouth. This sour taste is actually a result of stomach acids flowing back into the esophagus of the patients. It happens because the natural valve made up of a group of muscles on the lower part of the esophagus becomes weak and allows food contents and acids inside stomach to leak back into esophagus. The acidic environment inside the stomach of the patients of acid reflux and GERD hovers around 2 or even higher.

There are millions of unfortunate victims of acid reflux around the country. These men and women continue to suffer from heartburn and many other symptoms of acid reflux like belching, wheezing, coughing, etc, trying to keep them under control. The main reason behind acid reflux or the flow back of stomach acids into esophagus is the failure of the natural valve on the lower part of the esophagus. Once it has taken place, the victim can only hope to keep the symptoms of GERD and acid reflux under control. There are many myths and misconceptions associated with acid reflux. There are many food items that aggravate acid reflux while there are also many that are considered good for bringing relief from these symptoms. There is a lot of confusion regarding milk and yoghurt among the minds of individuals suffering from acid reflux.

Milk is a nutritious food item that has been used by mankind since time immemorial. It has many health benefits and it is also good for the strength and growth of your bones. Milk also gives a good feeling while drinking. But the same calcium that is so good for the bones has the potential to worsen acid reflux by helping in production of many acids inside the stomach. Also, the fat content in the milk is not good for anyone suffering from acid reflux. This fat sits inside the stomach after consumption of milk for a long time and the body needs to produce acid for its digestion. This fat also leads to weight gain in the long run which is again detrimental for the victim of acid reflux as it puts pressure on the abdomen.

If one loves milk, low fat or non fat milk may be a better option for someone suffering from acid reflux. There are many people who go for a glass of milk to overcome the symptoms of heartburn. Milk does provide some relief from the symptoms of heartburn but this relief is short term and milk ultimately aids in heartburn by producing more acids inside the stomach.

Yoghurt is a food item that is considered as a remedy for heartburn. It is a light food item that is natural and helps in soothing the pain and irritation caused by heartburn. All experts agree that it is one of those food items that do not worsen the symptoms of acid reflux and GERD. Like milk, yoghurt too contains protein and calcium and it also comes fortified with vitamin D. But it is not harmful because of the presence of certain bacteria that is health promoting. This bacterium is also referred to as probiotics and it has health benefits that are far beyond the conventional benefits we can think of through nutrients. This is because probiotics is living microorganisms that probably at up the acid produced inside the stomach. This is the reason why victims of acid reflux feel good after consumption of yoghurt.

There are many victims of acid reflux who say they feel better and quite relieved after eating yoghurt. This may be because of the following reasons.
• It is a food that is totally alkaline and thus has a soothing effect on your esophagus
• It contains living microorganisms that improve your immunity
• It helps in absorption of nutrients and proteins consumed by you
• It aids in digestion and thus helps in improving the conditions conducive for acid reflux.
• Yoghurt reduces inflammation in intestine and reduces the formation of gas bubbles insdie the stomach
Even though yoghurt in itself is a good food item for the victims of acid reflux and GERD, its power to fight the symptoms of both these diseases can be given a big boost by consuming yoghurt in novel ways.

Take yoghurt with ginger
Ginger is a herb that has digestive juices. It is also anti-inflammatory in nature. You can eat ginger root cut in slices with a bowl of yogurt to get additional benefit. Ginger will help in absorption and digestion of food as well as stomach acids that are naturally produced to aid in digestion.

Make yoghurt fruit smoothies
For those who do not like the flavor of plain yoghurt, it is good idea to make smoothies with their favorite fruits. Take a banana, mango, pineapple, and strawberries and peel off fruits and remove the seeds to cut them into pieces. Now add honey and yoghurt and then place the content into a mixer to stir well. Add some crushed ice to make a smoothie and then drink it to refresh yourself. This smoothie will give you added benefits of both the yoghurt as well as all the fruits.

You can also consume yoghurt with honey and yoghurt with flaxseed to cure the symptoms of heartburn caused by acid reflux.

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