Best and Worst foods for Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux is an ailment that afflicts millions of men and women around the country. It is a medical condition where the muscles in the lower part of the esophagus become weak and allow foods and stomach acids to flow back to the esophagus, causing heartburn. This can be both painful as well as embarrassing for the individual. He gets a bad taste in the mouth because of acids coming up through esophagus while the heartburn is accompanied by other symptoms like belching, wheezing, coughing etc. When an individual is diagnosed as suffering from acid reflux, the environment inside his stomach becomes very acidic and hovers around a value of 2 or even higher. There are many food items that worsen the situation while there are also many that being relief to the victim of acid reflux.

Foods that worsen acid reflux
There are many ways in which symptoms of acid reflux can be kept under control. The best way of course, as recommended by doctors, is to eat a healthy diet and to make a few lifestyle changes. One may be prescribed a few medications as well by his doctor depending upon the severity of his condition but a lot depends upon his eating pattern and his diet. Let us first talk about the foods one needs to avoid to live in a comfortable heartburn free zone.

Foods that sit in the stomach for a long time, asking it to produce acids for their digestion, can worsen the medical condition called acid reflux. There are also many food items that require the stomach to produce large quantities of gastro acids for their digestion. The following is a list of 10 common food items that trigger symptoms of heartburn in a patient of acid reflux. Victims, that have now reached a staggering figure of more than 65 million, need to avoid these food items and keep them away from their daily diet.

Tomatoes and tomato based products
Tomatoes may seem to be fresh and tasty fruits for many but scientists have found that they ask the stomach to produce too much acid for their digestion. In patients suffering from acid reflux, this excess acid an easily find its way back to their esophagus, causing heartburn. It is not just raw or cooked tomatoes but even foods containing them in high quantities like pizza and pasta that need to be avoided by the patients of acid reflux.

Citrus fruits are bad
No one can deny the health benefits of these tasty and juicy fruits but they are your worst enemy if you are a patient of acid reflux. The pH value of contents of these fruits is very low and they can make the environment inside the stomach highly acidic. It is better to cut down and limit their intake if you want to stay away from heartburn.

Onions and garlic
These two are linked with worsening of symptoms of acid reflux. They weaken the muscles that form a valve to separate esophagus from the stomach. Also, they keep the environment inside the stomach acidic for a long time after consumption.

Milk is good for your bones and also a natural animal based product full of proteins. But the same calcium from this milk, when it sits inside your stomach, helps in making many different kinds of acids that trigger symptoms of acid reflux.

Soft drinks
Beware of carbonated drinks if you are a patient of acid reflux. They release a lot of gas inside the stomach increasing the pressure on the esophageal sphincter. The same is the case with sodas and caffeinated drinks.

Alcoholic drinks
These drinks are bad for your acid reflux and tend to trigger the symptoms of acid reflux. They put pressure on the valve of the esophagus, thereby allowing gastric acid to flow back into the esophagus.

Hot and spicy food items
If you need to avoid one category of foods, it has to be hot and spicy ones if you are a patient of acid reflux. These foods irritate the esophagus, aggravating the condition for the patient of acid reflux.

Fatty foods
Fatty foods not only stay longer inside stomach, they also make a person gain weight. This can put pressure on the abdomen to trigger symptoms of acid reflux.

Foods good for the patient of acid reflux
After knowing about foods that are the enemies for patients of acid reflux, it indeed feels good to know that there are also many food items that do not aggravate the symptoms of acid reflux and one can eat them safely without any worries.
Brown rice
It is complete carbohydrate that fills up the stomach without creating favorable conditions for acid reflux
Celery, lettuce, sweet peppers
These leafy vegetables do not produce gas and are easy on your stomach
These are fruits that do not produce any acid
These are not only healthy and filling but also do not create any problems for acid reflux.
Chicken breasts
Lean chicken that is baked, grilled, or boiled but not fried is good for the health of the patients suffering from acid reflux.
Raw spinach
Raw spinach, if you can eat it, can be your best friend for controlling the symptoms of acid reflux. Not only does 1 cup of raw spinach leaves provide lots and lots of iron and vitamin K, it also helps ijn neutralizing the acids produced inside the stomach as it is one of the most alkaline foods available to you.

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